Where Have All My Memories Gone?


While I was contemplating this morning, it occurred to me that there is a  haze of spiderwebs that obscures my view of the past.  It could be an age thing. At least, I hope it’s something which is not singling me out. There are moments I feel Alzheimers or dementia might be settling in. That is not a self diagnosis…just my imagination getting away from me.

I brainstormed a lot of lists which I would like to have handy – Lists of memories, songs and what they mean to me – concerts which I have attended. Also, I did my best to recall what was going on in my life and the world.

Autobiography triggering events – like the space shuttle challengers destruction or and 9-11 attacks. Why can’t every memory be like that? Not desirable, just easier to access – like it was etched in the forefront of my mind. 

Instead, the memories are ephemeral – though they can be brought back to light, summoned from the depths of the subconscious. The though frustrates me. Even my dreams should be accessible – instead of reading about them in my journal as if they were someone else’ thoughts.

I will be indulging. I’ll be reminiscing about old time – good times and bad: heart warming friendships and tearful ones…exciting moment and serene ones. 

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