Playing for keeps

fire warm radio flame
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I thought this was supposed to be a game. I didn’t realize I would have been inserted into a wild wild world of chaos. I certainly would not have agreed to the plan. Serves me right for reading the flyers in the comic book store.

It all began with a call to a toll-free number. “Hi. I am interested in what your game is about.”….”Yes. I have been playing table top games for years. I’m well aquatinted with role playing.”…”You’ll advise me when all the players have confirmed? Okay, I guess I’ll wait.”  And then nothing until last night.

My familiar ringtone sounded briefly and then nothing. I didn’t even have time to answer. By the time I rolled over to go back to sleep, one wall of my bed room swirled in a greenish haze. I got closer to check it out and then it was on.

A suit reminiscent of Dune draped over me and a pair of young men were waving me on….”Let’s go”. I didn’t even hesitate. “Right.” I followed them because they seemed to know where they were heading. That impression disappeared quickly when they were swallowed up by what I can only describe as quicksand with teeth. I steered clear.

And I observed a horizon speckled with dozens of groups. Some appeared very organized and others….less so. One wore, a period army uniform, but the men looked more like they were deteriorating…akin to zombies.

Artillery sounded off in the distance, but it seemed to be rolling in from every direction. A small town of dilapidated buildings loomed ahead…and I ran for the cover it would provide. As I ran, I checked myself for weapons, but had nothing. I heard the sounds of gun fire, explosions, and crumbling buildings…amid the cries of pain and fear.

The group of individuals immediately ahead were all firing automatic weapons at shadows the size of houses; the impacting bullets caused the appearance of blood spurts and loud shrilling sounds. The creatures could die, but I did not want to be any where near these scene. I made a hard right and picked up speed crossing the littered terrain.

There were other groups engaging with beasts or opposing groups. The bestial nature of man was quite evident. Through all the chaos I did see one man running around and collecting up young men and women who had obviously entered into “play possum” mode. Some would think that they were useless, but I knew, as did the tall lanky man that a defense mechanism had them holding very still until the danger had passed. I ran in the direction of the cowering souls.

Twenty five meters out, the ad hoc leader turned to me and shouted me off. I maintained my distance, but I didn’t leave. “I belong here.” I reasoned with him as he checked the others for injuries. I counted five,  but the environment was very chaotic.  “Why do you think you do?” He words seemed more cautious than adversary. “Because I’m like all of you. I have figured out this all of this is for real…somehow.” He waved me on.




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