A Son’s Tale

This past Sunday would have been my father’s 75th birthday (or 74th for some people who insist he was born in 1945). The point being that he was always teaching us something. Either a lesson in life, or trying to teach us valuable skills (which we resisted at every turn).

Julio Rafael Castillo, Jr was great at a lot of things. He taught us how to be a good brother, a good father and grandfather. He epitomized the husband and the good friend. He was respected for his firm but fair approach at work…and admired for his discipline and loyalty.

It’s been just over eight years since we lost him, way to early. But his cheesy jokes and long lectures passed right down to me. And every time I hear the girls call me dad or grandpa, I smile. And I think about him.



1 thought on “A Son’s Tale”

  1. Tu papá fue un buen padre y amigo. No sabía que tenía el mismo middle nana del papa. Lastima que no teníamos comunicación en esa época, a mi modo de pensar creo ha de haber nacido en el 45 ya que el era 2 anís mayor de su hermana Eliza. Tu abuelo llegó a USA en 2947 y el hijito tenía 11 anís cuando tu abuelo lo mando a traer.

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