I Just Have to Ask

Before daybreak, my thoughts begin

There’s so much here, I had to give in

A call, a note to start it all

For far too long your name’s been gone


They run amok, these lofty talks

Or so, I think, if you’ll just let me start

So much is lost and never missed

We never knew just what to ask


Where have you been and with whom?

Why is it dark when you’re not in the room?

Who is it that stands by your side?

Why is there no one by mine?


You know what to do for the masses

You never ask for the same in return

You think you can help, all you know, but you can’t 

What is the name of the knight in your heart?


Life’s a blur all around without

Your sweet breaths’ uttered sounds

One knows he’s had his and 

Knows how he did lose it all

When does the moment arrive –

For your own dear love, and his soulful cries?


How long will you wait and how hard

Will you seek?

A moment has passed by – and now it is two

A plan in your eyes, it is good, 

Come to pass

A dream is that hope without 

Trust, without love



Will today be the day?

Fear abides in the past

You aspire, you hope

Now will you act, and will

You talk, will you walk toward 

Your dream?

And will you share it – maybe- with me?


when will you return signage
Photo by P C on Pexels.com

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