Who Knows

Ralph Castillo

c. 1985


We have been here once too often

I am quite sure you had it once

But then, who knows…You lost it


And though there’s little we can do now

I’d do much more, if I knew how


Can you think – maybe dream

What peace on earth might we have seen?


Tell me that you’ll be there for me, 

But for my answer, please don’t wait

Just see:  Joy for us was never meant to be


There’s not much hope in your sad eyes

Please don’t pretend to know our lives

Twelve hateful words condemned one day:

Lonely misery such must be the way


And while I want to say that we should talk,

Please do tell me if we ought…

There’s two completely different worlds that say we ought’n’naught


And if you really didn’t know…This is only me,

I wanted you to really want – and want no one but me

There doesn’t ever pass a day when I don’t think about you

And though it may not mean a lot to you:

I’m always watching


Now everyday’s that one same day

I still can’t sleep without you.

But when I do, be sure it’s true,

My dreams will spin about you.


silhouette of man during nighttime
Photo by brenoanp on Pexels.com


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