Eternity Asks

Asks: More than you are ever prepared to give. When you begin to think that your beliefs will draw you toward some unseen, satisfaction.

And provide? Sure there are moments in which we do receive. We try to appreciate what mysteriously is provided. We often fail. Who’s to say that we will ever stamp wanting more. We are better off with nothing at all.

And speaks? Of course…thoughts to confuse us. The secret in unlocking what we hear is that it’s just music for the bears. We can listen to it, but we will never dance.

And shows? Everyday. We all walk with blinder’s on. The demonstration is that we are wanton gluttons for punishment. Pain doesn’t deter us, it encourages us.

And guides? We arrived before we knew we wanted to leave. Meandering seems pointless, but it points to us…eternally.

time lapse photo of stars on night
Photo by Jakub Novacek on

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