A Common Element

Sophia stumbled as she ran down this dark corridor. She’d done this countless times in her dreams…but now, she didn’t know the way. Her hand seared in pain as a sharp edge dug deep into her flesh. Terror reached up from her gut into her throat and she stopped to find her breath.

A gust of air brushed her neck and shoulder. Sudden hope returned air to her body. Tired feet found energy, and she pushed on. A presence made itself known to Sophia. She had known the pursuer followed, yet not known how close.

Cold water sloshed under her feet, she stumbled again as she wasted energy thinking about her destination. The simple answer was safety, and she knew it was close. Closer than the presence? No way to know.

Blood and drums pounded in her head. Never had she imagined that fear could taste so strong that she would forget everything she’d learned in this life. Wake up! She screamed at herself, in her head. But as darkness became even blacker, she knew that it was too late for that.

brown tunnel near body of water
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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