For a long time, I believed that what’s been published in Sci-Fi magazines and books was a spark for which science and man could strive. The minds of the renaissance and the authors of the turn of the century apparently believed. They stretched their imagination and showed their best work (they weren’t lazy folk, after all).

In my readings of Fantasy Literature, I fell in love with the ideas of mystic forces, fantastics creatures, strange new worlds, and the adventures that followed. The supposition followed that dragons could be just as real as ghosts, shaggy men in the mountains and creatures living in the bottom of the sea…maybe dragons were just forgotten.

How many of us love the stories of vampires…even before they were romanticized by pop culture movies and young adult novels? Same goes for those stories of werewolves, scientific constructs of men…or potions which bring out the very worst (or best) in all of us.

Let’s try to revive a spark to kindle people’s imagination.

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