My Boycott of the NFL continues…

So now, in the aftermath of celebrating the greatest show of athletic talent the US has, some of the Philadelphia players have decided that they will decline the white house’s celebratory invitation. Players who will not visit white house

Because they want to make another political statement? I just want to remind everybody that they are entertainers you have no more pull in our lives than the movie, tv or music industries to influence our thoughts. If that was the case, we would be looking at very poor role models in entertainers: men who kill their wives, abuse loving caring pet dogs, engage in high risk relations, drink and drive, abuse drugs and gamble. I am not judging, everybody has their faults. But I submit that everybody knows somebody in their personal lives with issues. Why should we condemn celebrities anymore…they are not our heroes…not our role models.

The fact is that making political statements while you are in organization’s uniform and being paid…makes you a spokesperson for that organization. I say again, you are being paid…so as a professional, don’t bring your personal beliefs into the workplace. Imagine how the average Jane/Joe would be received if she/he walked into the office and ranted and raved about how everything was wrong and how terrible the president is…and just created a distraction…maybe even worse. What is the likelihood that his employers are not going to remind him to keep his opinions to himself. While the NFL players are on the field, and being paid…it’s the same situation.

The NFL commissioner and team owners state that the players have a constitutional right to express themselves. But they believe the public is deluded when deny that they have any power to change the behavior of their players. We are intelligent, informed and living well compared to many areas of the world. And Americans and not taking the time or making the effort to inform ourselves without relying on social media or scandalous news stories is lazy. I immediately went online and looked at the NFL constitution bylaws and researched if the owners and commissioner are in fact powerless. I won’t give you all the details…but they aren’t powerless. NFL Bylaws

The behavior of the players can be used to determine hiring, suspensions and so on, if it is determined to be unflattering behavior. And how much worse can the behavior get? That attitude is the reason I chose to find entertainment other than the NFL.

I served under five presidents and though I didn’t always agree with their policies and ideologies, I remained professional and did my duty. Now, I recognize that most of what they did during the terms in office was their idea of the best for our great country. As an afterthought, we have a system of checks and balances in place. Their is only so much any president can do without the congressional support. That conversation is for another time.

In service for the USA, one has to believe that the military services am fight for the security and defense of best place on Earth…otherwise there is not reason to fight. Why would we want to risk our lives for anything but the best? Our flag drapes over the caskets of our fallen service members and if you’d ever seen a formation of fallen US Service members with the seas of stars and stripes…you would raise your chin high and breath deeply for our brothers and sisters in arms and for their sacrifice.  That is the reason it flies everyday at my home.

For everybody else…find another way to protest the issues that our country is facing. I will recognize your concerns for all groups and actually listen to your points. Thank you for taking the time to listen, to my points.

God bless America!

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