Music Albums Which Have Stuck With Me

I love that ability which music has to transport us back in time.

Music we loved as kids reminds us of carefree moments. Sometimes of our parents.

Songs from difficult times in our lives remind us that we have the ability to cope…at times we just need a little help.

Some music appears to have been written just for us…or by someone for whom we have deeply cared. And some of those vocals or instrumental arrangements stay with us forever.

Certain albums serve as markers for our lives…relationships, careers, or travels upon which we have embarked.

While specific music may excite us…another may calm us…soothing our inner beasts.

There is music which requires us to put on headphones and step into another world.

Our first loves, first cars and first jobs are still present in the music…along with our dreams and hopes for the future.

Music Information on Pintrest

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