Keeping It All In Perspective

We all hate how high our cell phone bills are. Still think about how much worse your our lives could be. Most of us reading don’t battle of daily with shelter and the ability to feed and clothe ourselves. 

While I don’t subscribe to the mind set that we should feel guilty of taking advantage of our opportunities and working hard to keep whatever luxuries we have…I do imagine how those living in impoverished nations and similar situations would feel about what I and those in my community feel causes us stress. I call them “First World Problems”. Here are just a few more in no particular order. 

  • Piano is out of tune
  • Coordinating all family members’ vacation time for a trip
  • Converting to refrigerated air or an ECU
  • Who is selling Girl Scout cookies?
  • Waiting for the next season of our favorite program
  • Drive through makes a mistake in our order
  • Which gaming system to buy
  • Automatic car wash scratches the car’s paint
  • No free wi-fi at our favorite establishment

I’m sure you also have plenty more. 

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