Where’s the Fun in That?

At a very early age we move away from individual toys which we do not like to share (at least I know I was not much for sharing), and we move into activities we require others to truly enjoy. Reaching middle-age, I’ve been reacquainted recently with the joys of sitting with the the family and pulling out a favorite board game or card game. 

I’ve been teaching new games to the kids such as Texas Hold ‘Em and Liar’s Dice (popularized in the Pirates of the Carrivbean movies). Also, we’ve brought out some old classic board games like Monopoly and Clue. Some of the other favorite board games when I was younger include Red Storm Rising, The Battle  for Britannia and Risk. Card games include Spades, Hearts and Poker….along with Uno and Phase Ten. 

The game activities have been lending toward a greater sense of calm for me. Looking back, I see the development they provide on learning and a sense of family closeness. Along with music, the activities are catching up to individual activities and crafts as favored pastimes. 

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