1. Tobacco is bad for you. It can cause cancer. It can cause pain.
  2. Student loans are a bitch.
  3. Why do we love the queen?

Discussion of my personal history as well as topics of interest for like-minded individuals. Welcome; take a look around. You may learn something, or teach us something.



About myself (and my life to this point)

We occupy a small space in this cosmos, and we are assigned titles and names.  Those only matter at the moment we interact with others. If we are defined by the company we keep, then I argue that I keep myself very good company. Astronomy, history, technology, genealogy and music are just a few of the many subjects which pique my interest. Above is a panoramic shot of the New Mexico National Space Museum. I may find pictures of interesting places or objects I’ve seen in this world.  I’ll share when I do.


Please feel free to ask questions or share constructive criticism.